Want a Skin Glow Like Sophia Loren? Eat Tomatoes!

Written by Sara Rocci Denis
August 2, 2022

Did you know that there are over 10,000 varieties of tomatoes and their colours can range from red, yellow, orange, and green, to purple, black, pink, and even white?

I personally enjoy the sweet, super-scented Costoluto and the meat-like texture and tangy flavour of the Sicilian Pizzutello varieties. The flavour is so intense that I don’t need to add salt when I enjoy them chopped on top of some fresh bread with a leaf of basil, a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, and a glass of cold Biancolella wine for a relaxing summer evening break! Our Chef, Stefano, swears on a new variety, the Baronetto Rosso del Partenio. Grown east of Napoli on the slopes of the Partenio Mountains, it is low in histamines and high in lycopene – read: low risk of intolerances and highly antioxidant.

These little prebiotic wonders have a lot of promise in supporting our everyday health. And for hikers who are often hard-pressed to find nutrient-dense food while on the go, tomatoes, raw, dried or cooked, can help do the trick! A single tomato can provide about 40% of an adult’s recommended daily vitamin C. It’s no surprise that since 1984 food scientists at agencies such as NASA and ESA, in their efforts to discover new possibilities for Earth, have been sending tomato seedlings into outer space.

But what makes tomatoes so good for us?

Not only do these fruits contain several carotenoids, which support vision, and, as antioxidants, help counteract aging and cardiovascular diseases. New studies are showing that tomatoes are excellent for skin health, thanks to their high vitamin C and lycopene content.

As hikers, we can get hammered by the sun when outdoors.

So, here’s a little tip to help naturally protect yourself against sun damage: Mix ‘N Eat some tomato paste with a drizzle of olive oil!
Adding olive oil helps boost lycopene absorption from your digestive system into your bloodstream. It also helps increase collagen production, a molecule responsible for giving the skin its structure and keeping it firm. 

So go forth and glow, my gourmet hiking friends! What variety will be on your bruschetta tonight?

Like every good thing you do and consume, though, be sure to be moderate. The recommended amount is one large tomato or five cherry tomatoes per day 🙂 

Speaking of which: check out one of our tasty treats with cherry tomatoes! We think you’ll love EAT freedom’s fresh Seafood Rice with Vegetables!



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