“Mmm… this Tiramisu is to die for!”

Surreal, when said by an astronaut in orbit aboard the International Space Station some 400 km above our Chef’s head. Delicious taste AND functionality at last, in space and with an adapted recipe to satisfy medical and nutritional requirements.

Yet, Stefano took the compliment about his freeze-dried tiramisu as a challenge rather than the finish line.

What if the limit can be pushed even further? What if there is more to delicious (space) food than healthy calories and a comfort treat for the psyche? What if it can actively help counteract early-stage pathologies?

More research followed to develop the bonus food for other missions, enabling the astronauts to set forth a healthy and delicious food philosophy while in space.

Fired up by the results Stefano kept questioning…

What if one day the paradigm can be shifted for good – in Space and on Earth? Isn’t it an odd saying that we could or would “die for” the very food that should fuel life?

Shouldn’t we cook food to preserve its value rather than process it to the point that we can declare the ingredients “clinically death”? Ultimately, shouldn’t the saying rather go: “Mmm…this Tiramisu is to live for!”?

The Live Food Movement was born.

Whether it is beans with the extra bit of minerals or a “super-apple” with the right acidity level, let Stefano’s talent to scout the most effective ingredients surprise you. It’s the outdoor food of your life!


Upon obtaining a Master Degree at the Università di Venezia, Stefano graduated as a Chef from the Boscolo Etoile Academy and opened his own restaurant near Padua.

An avid learner, he started collaborating with nutritionists applying the Harvard Healthy Eating Plate guidance and with doctors specialized in nutrigenomics.

Understanding the deep impact of food on a healthy body and psyche, he optimized his preparation and cooking techniques to offer his guests true health value beyond the gourmet experience. A renowned consultant and guest lecturer, he served as Head of the Space Food Lab at Argotec.

In 2018 he turned his restaurant into the Live Food Academy Avamposto 43, the place where he studied, experimented and taught how to plan our nutrition, select our ingredients and prepare our meals to gift ourself and our loved ones with delicious bites of life. Since 2020 he collaborates with several realities as Chef and Nutritional & Nutraceutical Consultant applying his own Cucina Verticale Method – the science of boosting food instead of damaging it


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