Image credit: Ken Nakajima

“I will be an aerospace engineer”

Sometimes there is a moment when you make a decision that informs your life, seemingly out of nowhere.
For Sara, this moment was at age 12 on a hot July day in Italy during her summer vacation.
She was sitting at the wooden table in her parents’ furniture shop doing her homework when she overheard her mom and aunt chatting.
“Who knows what our kids will end up doing when they grow up.”

 In this moment, Sara began thinking about the things she liked doing and letting her imagination run wild.
Travelling. How she loved the mountains and meeting people at the huts.
Planes. How are they even able to fly? Space. Maybe she would become an astronaut.
“I should have a job traveling around the world and working on something never done before”, she thought.

 On that hot July day Sara resolved in her heart to become an aerospace engineer.
She stuck with that plan, and some years later, her assignments took her around the world developing aircraft engines.

 Hopelessly relentless and massively curious Sara took every chance to explore the places she visited,
naturally gravitating towards the mountain ranges she had read so much about.
Despite different cultures, languages and flavors, in her travels she was always fascinated by how the spirit of adventure makes perfect strangers connect with each other, huddled around a campfire or in a dome tent.

 “One day I will have a little restaurant in the mountains to gather people and hear their stories.”

 Known for bringing along her traditional Italian pie and lasagna on a night shift at work as much as on a climbing trip,
little she knew that the first version of that restaurant would be “TO-GO”.

 Truth is, she’s equal parts foodie, adventurer and experimentalist. Out in the field she assesses every piece of equipment for functionality,
tests its quality and is obsessed about finding ways to improve it.
Although at EAT Freedom she’s rather sampling than creating your meals, know this:
she’s behind the scenes optimizing every process from product to packaging,
with her eyes equally on the technology and its environmental impact.
 Trust Sara, she’s an engineer!


Born and raised near Torino, Sara stepped on her first 4,000 m peak at aged 11. From her parents and from devouring books by Salgari, Bonatti and Messner, she developed a passion for exploration and mountaineering that shaped her life.

After graduating as an Aerospace Engineer from Politecnico di Torino she moved to Germany and completed her PhD in supersonic combustion at TU München.

Driven by advancing the status quo, she joined GE Global Research in 2008 and worked on technology innovation for products spanning from mining vehicles to wind turbines to gas and aero engines.

In 2012 she transitioned to GE Aviation, supporting development and certification of several engine types from component to flight testing. In 2020 she was appointed a full member of the Design Board for Combustion Aero and Mechanical Design.

In 2016 Sara set on the EAT Freedom journey to put her passion and experience at the service of both nature and your outdoor needs, living the mantra  “To serve you meals that serve our planet”.


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