The Power of a Little Cottage Business

Written by Sara Rocci Denis
February 28, 2023

Hi Adventurers! I hope you have had the chance to get outdoors, or at least had a few moments to dream of your next adventure.

I hope you have had the chance to get outdoors, or at least had a few moments to dream of your next adventure. Today, I want to highlight the importance of supporting cottage companies – like EAT freedom. 

Curiously enough, just 2.5% of global food retailing is attributed to small businesses. This means that the vast majority of the food we consume comes from bigger brands. However, while they can offer the price advantage that comes with economies of scale, they sometimes lack the personal touch and responsiveness that a micro-business like ours can offer. 

When we first started our outdoor meals for mountaineers we were a small team of two people, experimenting in a kitchen in Italy. We spent hours perfecting our recipes and hand-packaging our meals for extreme adventurers out in the field. We wanted to delight our first test pilots and give them the strength to perform well. And we put our all into it! Astronauts, sailors, cave divers, and hardcore ice expeditionists were impressed by the sustaining power and great taste of the meals.

And here is the magic: the chain reaction that starts when small businesses join forces.
When it comes to choosing our suppliers, we walk the talk. We work with producers that still consciously follow the seasons and nature’s rhythm, often family-owned businesses like Mr. Cesare’s asparagus farm. That’s how we bring the taste of harvest day into your pouch.

This push for delightful empowerment drives us as much as it did on Day 1.

As we hit our key milestones like prototyping, packaging, branding, and building an online community of adventurers, our efforts started to get recognized by some impressive peers and news outlets! With solid prototypes in place, and enough excitement drummed up to hit the market, now we want to quickly move into small-scale production.

But as a micro-enterprise, moving from a pipe dream to production takes – and has taken – a significant investment. So next up, we want to raise funds via crowdfunding to kick off our first major production run. We chose Kickstarter as the platform to connect us with a global community of outdoor lovers to help bring our treats to the world.

This brings us to the fair question: With so many big brands out there, why support a cottage business like EAT freedom?

Choosing us, and any small business, means you are supporting a dream. You are helping us make our passion a reality, and you are directly sharing the gift of health and power with your peers when they need it most. You know that your contribution is going directly toward the evolution of the product and the extended family of small producers that stand behind it.

At EAT freedom, we are proud to be a cottage business. We are small, but with you standing with us, we are mighty. I am so grateful that you are here! We hope that you will be there to try our meals when we launch on Kickstarter.


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