The Olive Oil Gods Made Us Touch the Fruit

Written by Sara Rocci Denis
August 16, 2022

In ancient mythology, beauty, health, and nutrition, humans have been touting this fruit and its derivatives as a conduit of divinity and well-being for centuries.

Back in 776 BC athletes at the Olympic Games were massaged with olive oil. It was believed that goddess Athena’s wisdom, power, and strength would be granted to them. Now, I must admit that after I had a full body massage with olive oil, little to nothing happened on the wisdom-power front for me.

Nonetheless, having learned that 5 kilograms of freshly picked olives are needed to produce just under 1 kilogram of extra virgin olive oil, I see parallels between us as mere mortals and this divine, symbolic fruit. We too can produce some of our finest results when under intense pressure. Perhaps this is what the late Kobe Bryant meant when he said, “everything negative – pressure, challenges – is an opportunity for me to rise.”

Beyond symbolism and metaphor are the proven, health benefits of the oil of this delicate fruit.

Incorporating olive oil into your diet can bring about lasting changes. Science shows that a daily intake of 20 g of extra virgin olive oil can protect blood lipids from oxidative stress and help maintain healthy cholesterol levels over the long term. Researchers became particularly interested in olive oil and its relationship to cancer when they discovered that people who follow the Mediterranean diet are known to have some of the lowest incidences of cancer in the world.

Now, we know it can be a tempting idea to replace all other oils in the pantry with high-quality olive oil, but beware – food variety is essential to your health and extra virgin olive oil is not suitable for every meal and cooking style. Frying, grilling, and baking at high temperatures? Not so much. It only benefits a meal and our bodies when used in a raw form, or heated ever so slightly. Overheating it, at anything above its smoke point, will cause that nutty delicacy to quickly become toxic, negating any benefits the oil offers. The high heat releases carcinogenic compounds that are not only unsafe to eat but also harmful to inhale.

At EAT freedom, we use extra virgin olive oil as a luxurious, tasty add-on to each of our savory meals. But more importantly, we use it for its nutritional properties. After all, what’s a healthy, gourmet meal without a drizzle of olive oil? 

So with us, you’ll never have to worry about this when out on a hike. You can have your home-cooked experience and healthy gourmet moment while on the go! Our self-contained entrees require zero stovetop cooking time, and an extra pouch of olive oil is neatly tucked into each of our delectable entrees. Go ahead, have a look!



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