New Year, New You?

Written by Sara Rocci Denis
February 14, 2023

Am I the only one still feeling like the year just started and wondering what that “02” in the date tab of my PC is trying to tell me?

The weeks after our Holiday break have passed fast with the preparations to launch our products on Kickstarter, but also with some press events to which we were extremely pleased to be invited.

Our chef Stefano was hosted on Italian National TV (Rai 2, 1:26:45 – 1:35:15) on January 3rd, and demoed the process to prepare freeze-dried space food with our signature Shrimp & Asparagus Rice. On January 21st, I was interviewed on the origins and technicalities behind our gourmet adventure treats on Italian National Radio (Rai Radio 1, 13:50-21:50).

On a less fulfilling note, we did experience technical issues with our website, right after updating all our product pages with the pictures we took last summer. Thanks to our magic graphic designer they’re back up and you can check them out to start choosing your favs in preparation for the Kickstarter launch, but bear with us: the current website is still slow.

And that’s when our New Year resolutions came to help: In the spirit of powerful renewal, soon a new version of our web page will go live to welcome long-time and new friends.

And this is not the only (R)evolution we’re gonna go through in 2023.

While everything started on the highest mountains and our treats even managed to escape gravity, we did hear the call of the Ocean. We deeply believe that, beyond sustainability, circularity is the path forward: passing on the piece of the world we are lucky to call home in equal or better shape than we found it needs to be our priority.
Science helps us inform our decisions and guide our actions.
And the people we share an adventure with make the whole difference in our impact.

Stay tuned to learn more about our Ocean projects.


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