Life is a Riotous Handful Sometimes

Written by Sara Rocci Denis
February 1, 2022

Let Simplicity Guide The Way.

I’m pro-health, most of the time. But let’s be real. It can be a bit of a balancing act to always have healthy food when you are on the go. Sometimes a bag of chips and some no-bake cookie dough just happen to do the trick for everyone, on those tougher days when you are stuck indoors, with no childcare and a houseful of on-duty toddlers.

Now, I’ve eaten my share of fast-food burgers when out on the trail, but I have mostly regretted it afterward. It’s just seldom worth the sluggishness or the crash and burns.
However, when I’m thinking clearly, I know making good decisions about what I consume makes all the difference to how I feel and what I can get done. 
Outdoors, especially in situations where we need our body to physically support us, like hiking, climbing in the mountains, or far out on the glaciers, every single meal consumed counts and it is key to eat on time, to eat enough, and to consume quality foods. But we need help to make meal-time as hassle-free as possible so we can’t make any excuses for not eating well. 
Do you also like the idea of having your delicious home-cooked meals on hand without the trouble of cooking and trekking with the bulky tins and Tupperware? 
At EAT freedom, healthy food is convenient – lightweight, quick, and easy to prepare. With our meal combos, we help adventurers avoid the highs and lows that follow poor food consumption. Our meals keep you satisfied longer, so you can maintain your mental and physical power at every leg of your journey.
If options abounded for what you could eat when deep in the outdoors, wouldn’t you opt to have a warm, tasty and nutritious meal? We’re striving to create a travel experience where you never have to settle. You can have it all! – taste and nutrition, convenience and slow food, packed with thoughtful, elevated ingredients.
No more burger runs down the mountain. No dangerous slipping on stones while hurrying downhill because you got food instead of the trail in your mind. Just tear the pouch, pour warm water, drizzle some olive oil and dig in. Watch our video showing you just how it’s done.



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