Handle me with care

Written by Sara Rocci Denis
January 18, 2022

Did you know that our meals are made in small batches and hand-packed?

In line with our food philosophy, it’s important to us that our ingredients are not only meticulously selected, but carefully handled and prepared. 

We choose wholesome, seasonal ingredients with nutrients that boost the body’s natural defences. We are intentional about preserving the ingredients’ health value, as much as possible. With our suppliers and within our own little commercial kitchen in Italy, we ensure our processes and production maximize the life-giving properties in our food. 

In production and packaging, while we comply with the food industry’s strict health & safety regulations, wherever we can, we try to switch to more healthful, natural alternatives. 

In line with the recommendations of the medical-scientific community, we use only balanced oils, such as cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil. We have banned preservatives, GMO ingredients, and we select protein sources, including those of animal origin, which reflect our choices in terms of healthiness and sustainability, just to give a few examples.

Now, are we the only ones out there focused on health for travellers? No.
However, while there are some honourable cottage brands, they don’t identify with or incorporate a guiding principle grounded in the science of health, like, for example, the Harvard Healthy Eating Plate.  

What is broadly available in the marketplace by some of the larger brands is seldom healthy. Many packaged meals are over-saturated and laden with dubious sugars, cheap proteins, and unhealthy fats. So you may feel full but at a very high cost to your body. 

For the conscious traveller, the high-quality, healthful, ready-to-go options can be pretty slim. Sometimes while there may be healthy ingredients used, the meal may not be complete – offering all the macro-nutrients your body needs. So you may have to do your research to sort through what is available, but more importantly, what works best for you.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll get more into the intentional practices and thoughtful ingredients we use, and how they can benefit you and your travel community.

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