Did you know the perfect egg cooks in 60 minutes?

Written by Sara Rocci Denis
April 12, 2022

No kidding. No mistake.
60 minutes for the perfect egg.

Now, the Aerospace Engineer in me loves a measurable, fail-safe system, so nailing the perfect boiled egg with the help of a timer is kind of my thing. But when our Chef Stefano first mentioned to me that the perfect egg is the one slow-cooked in water at 65 °C (or 149 °F) for A WHOLE HOUR, I smiled and said: “You do mean 6, not 60.”

It turns out, it’s really 60 minutes.
And the low temperature is key to keeping the proteins highly digestible and easy to absorb.

The result? A breakfast-dream of an egg. Creamy yolk. Soft, jelly-like white. And fully pasteurized in the process, on top.

Having met Stefano, I feel a lot more accountable given what I continue to learn about food and its nutritional properties. But not everyone can afford to spend an hour cooking an egg – and not everyone has the right equipment. Certainly, not me.

Luckily, our Chef is on a personal mission to simplify our life without compromising the value of the food we eat.

Here’s his workaround to get the closest to the perfect egg, at home and in just a few minutes. Fill a small saucepan with water at room temperature. Add the eggs, making sure they are well immersed. Bring to a boil and cook for 5-6 minutes from the moment the boiling starts. Once they are ready, plunge them into an ice bath.

At EAT freedom, gourmet is always the name of the game.

However, the delicious taste never comes at the cost of nutritional value and Stefano’s experience with gentle food processes ensures our ingredients are handled with ultimate care at each step en route from our suppliers to your pouch.

In the coming weeks, we’ll debunk more myths around two more of his favourite ingredients: extra virgin olive oil and lemon.

Do you have a question about prepping some of your favorited ingredients in a way that preserves their value? Connect with us via email or on our social platforms, and we’ll make sure to address it!



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