Commitments for the next 3 weeks? To be happy!

Written by Sara Rocci Denis
December 22, 2022

We’ve been quiet in here for a couple of weeks now.

Truth is, the time has flown – somehow, the whole year has flown in a whirlwind of activities.

That’s the year “we” went to space.

Well, technically it was our meals. But really there is a piece of our heart in what we do, and seeing those 5 recipes float around the International Space Station has been moving, motivating, and reassuring at the same time. A bit like New York City: “If I can make it there, I can make it anywhere”: we proved that we can deliver to the highest standards of taste, quality, and safety.

That’s also the year we took space back to Earth.

We’ve been invited to offer a Space Food Experience at some incredible venues: the M9 museum in Venezia and, last week, the Concept Store of the European Space Agency in Roma near Piazza di Spagna. Following this event, the plan was to offer our space edition for sale prior to our crowdfunding campaign. 

And that’s when we were reminded once again of the bitter taste of 2022, the year of skyrocketing energy costs and uncertainty in the supply chain and logistic services. And so we will stick to the original plan, and the space edition will be an exclusive reward for our Kickstarter launch in springtime.

So what now?
Against all algorithms, we’ll be closed for a few weeks and resume all activities only on January 9th. That’s a long break in modern times – our first full break as a company since the start.

Slowing down, unwinding, and returning to nature and our loved ones. Creaking snow, crackling fire, the kids’ sounds of wonder on Christmas day, and the waltz of a Bollicina in our glasses to celebrate an amazing year and salute 2023 – our best year yet!

“Any commitments for the next 3 weeks?”
“To be happy!”

From all of us at EAT freedom, a very merry Christmas and a sparkling 2023 full of joy, lightness, and kindness!


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