Are you dreaming big, too?

Written by Sara Rocci Denis
December 9, 2021

No adventure is too far for delicious, healthy, and balanced meals!

We are over the moon!

EAT freedom has been selected by The European Space Agency to create the gourmet selection of bonus meals for ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti on her next mission to the International Space Station.  
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Thank you to every single one of you who believed in us, or were just curious about our products and decided to reach out. If you are new here, hop on board, we are glad to have you join us on this journey of travel and nutrition!

I had this vision of making a line of meals for adventurers, so they’d never have to worry about nutrition when away from home.  I wanted them to have convenience, taste, and health, without compromise.

I dreamed up a world of outdoor lovers enjoying our meals – mountaineers, climbers, sailors, ultrarunners, scientific expeditionists, working hard AND eating well. My vision was that of outdoor enthusiasts indulging in EAT freedom’s comforting treats in any corner of the world, from the humid jungles of Cambodia to the frigid North Pole.

Now, look at us!!!!!! EAT freedom’s meals will be onboard Expedition 68 to the International Space Station in 2022. 

I am simply blown away!

The past few years have taught me this lesson and I’ll pass it on to you…

Don’t be afraid to take the first step in the direction of your wildest dreams! For, until you start walking, you’ll never know what new world is waiting to be discovered by you.



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