Aim to the moon. Land among the (Michelin) stars

Written by Sara Rocci Denis
April 11, 2023

I started out this year feeling clear and confident about what I want, from my personal goals to my intentions for EAT freedom.

And as Spring opens up, I feel good about the steady progress underway.  

I have been saying yes to life and taking the green lights as they show up. 

This has led us to accept invitations from across Italy to spread the word about EAT freedom’s gourmet meals, showing some of the food industry’s finest what we can do. Just last week EAT freedom presented on the topic of “Food of the Future” to an audience of Michelin-star chefs! Not in a million years did I dream this would be us. Or did I?

Yes, we have been outside actively lighting the fire of progress and goodwill. 

Our commitment to sustainability and innovation did not go unnoticed. We had the privilege to join a selected group of top professionals in Milano, Italy, for a design thinking workshop to collect ideas on how to move forward in the future for sustainable practices. While best practices for a classic restaurant were at the core of the workshop, aspects related to food cost and supply chain, as well as labor and community thinking are transferable to our “gourmet restaurant to-go”. In particular, the alignment and exchange around strategies to avoid food waste were mind-blowing.

“These talks will excite you and hopefully bring you to the point of something new, to the edge of a new idea or action that you can fulfill.”

No better words can describe how the collective felt on Day 2, at the networking and media reception organized for the international launch of the 2023 edition of  Food on the Edge, a Food Symposium that aims “to inspire action through debate and dialogue”. The guest star chefs joined host Denis Lovatel to prepare a 12-hand dinner we won’t forget!

This year, I hope you, too, will celebrate all your wins – as every step forward brings you closer to your goal.

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars” –
Norman Vincent Peale
And remember, slow-and-steady wins the race!


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